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Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration

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At NZ Camera we offer a full restoration service to repair old and damages photos, or simply alter a photograph to look how you want it. This is a digital service, so photographs are scanned, meaning you retain your original print, and will then be digitally restored and reprinted as a new photograph on Kodak quality paper. See above for examples of the following services:

Photo restoration

This is where a photo is damaged and in need of touching up. This will usually be the case with older images that have been tucked away and deteriorated, and also images that have been torn, folded or stained. We are able to bring the photos back to their former glory, with customers often commenting that the retouched image is better thanthe original ever looked!


This service is available to colour photos that are currently black & white or sepia. Simply provide the image and an indication of what colours you would like to see on the restored image and let us do the rest!


Using digital software, our trained technicians are able to alter photographs to improve their appearance. This will most commonly be the removal of unwanted items in the background or removing / adding people to photographs.

  • *All restoration services are quoted on an individual basis. For a quote see us in-store and one of our friendly staff will be able to help you out.

NZ Camera, the Hub, Hornby, Christchurch