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5 in 1 Reflector 109cm

5 in 1 Reflector 109cm

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Quick Overview

5 in 1 Reflector 109cm

A must have accessory for any photographer.

  • Perfect for taking all types of photos/videos such as portraits, still life, close-ups, nature and also product photography.
  • Comes in 5 easy-to-change color panels for complete lighting control
  • All light sources are acceptable and is well suited for digital/film photography as well as video applications
  • Sets up immediately and folds down to 1/3 it's open size for quick storage Also carrying bag for easy transport

Gold Bounce Panel - gives a fabulous Sunny day warm glow, excellent for portrait work.

Silver Bounce Panel - provides a superb high contrast reflective bounce, pumping in more light than the white panel to really increase highlights.

White Bounce Panel - creates a bright, really natural 2nd light for filling in and creating highlights.

Pure Black Absorption Panel - absorbs all light it receives, and does not allow reflection. Superb for stopping Sun or window light creating unwanted shadows, hot spots or highlights.

Translucent White Diffusion Panel - designed to diffuse light in a similar fashion to a soft box, ideal for minimizing shadows and softening the output of light.

NZ Camera, the Hub, Hornby, Christchurch